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Osmium is both a web-based fitter and a platform to share ship loadouts for the EVE online game.

Osmium is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3. You can see the full license text in the COPYING file in the main repository.

Developers and people wanting to run a local copy of Osmium should also read the README file.

Astero: the plug-and-play Osmium VM

You want to fiddle with the Osmium source code in an isolated environment? You don't want to spend hours installing and configuring every daemon and dependency that Osmium requires?

Astero is a ready-to-use VM image that runs Osmium out of the box. Works with QEMU, and should work with VirtualBox too.

Download the disk image here: Dropbox link

Project goals

In order of descending priority:

Latest release

See the releases on GitHub.

See the changelog for a recap of the new features.

Releases are tagged in the main repository, and the production branch always points at the latest release suitable for use in a production environment. Version tags should be signed by Artefact2 with the Osmium master key, which is:

pub   4096R/7168F39E 2012-07-20 [expires: 2015-08-16]
      Key fingerprint = 25A5 8B3D 5F6F 19CF F561  1331 FD5F 9B4E 7168 F39E
uid       [ultimate] Romain Dalmaso (Osmium master key) <artefact2@gmail.com>

You can use git tag -v to check the authenticity of version tags.